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Are you looking for a durable floor for your livestock vehicle, commercial vehicle or a semi-trailer? Contact M & M Trailer Service right away. We stock trailer floors of all sizes and types.

Our trailer floors have X-Lug pattern embedded that provides traction and comfort to your livestock. We also have a tongue and grove board variant that can be designed for horse trailers and flatbeds.

Cross-Lug Boards

  • The boards can run the length of the trailer or the width of the trailer depending on preference
  • Bracing must run perpendicular to the board
  • The brace center to center distance shall not exceed 12 inches (2 x 2 x 3/16 angle is recommended for bracing)
  • Each board must be secured to the frame at least every 24 inches (trailer floor screws are preferred)
  • Allow ¼ inch space for boards less than 10 feet in length and ½ inch space for boards above 10 feet to 24 feet in length between the end of the board and trailer frame for thermal expansion

Tongue and Grove for Light Use Trailers

Cross-Lug Boards

Shelby Trailer Flooring